Midnight At The Purple Palace (CD & Download)


Midnight At The Purple Palace (CD & Download)


CD & Digital Download*
Edition of 500
Produced by Sean McCaul
All compositions by Sean McCaul, except track 6 which is based on Chopin's Prelude in E Minor and arranged by McCaul.

"A jazzy, psychedelic soundtrack to an imaginary puppet show."

1. Martini Time
2. Burnt Lavender Tea
3. Furry Intro
4. Disembodied Head Of The Blue Furry
5. Bob Harvey Oswald
6. Freddy's Prelude
7. The Way Out
8. Newbest Friend
9. Shiny Magenta
10. When I Say Cha-Cha...

* Digital Download via E-mail/format preference consultation. 

Commissioned by Sawyer.Gallery

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